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About Dr. Gary Richter

As an expert veterinarian, Dr. Gary Richter has always had a heartfelt drive to help keep animals healthy, and provide the best chances for their happiness. He’s received over 30 awards, certifications, and honors for his work.

In fact, The American Veterinary Medical Foundation awarded Dr. Richter with the title of “America’s Favorite Veterinarian.” Dr. Gary Richter has paved the way for veterinary science and better pet nutrition for over 20 years, and he’s made his discoveries accessible to every pet owner through his bestselling book, The Ultimate Pet Health Guide.

More than his accomplishments, Dr. Richter is generous of heart. He knows that there are dogs and cats worldwide that sit in county animal shelters just waiting to meet their people. Furthermore, he knows that sometimes providing an animal with a loving home can do as much for the provider of that home as it does for the pet.

That’s why he created Ultimate Pet Nutrition. It’s also why UPN is a proud sponsor of Pets for Vets — a nonprofit organization that places shelter animals with military veterans which can be life-changing for everyone involved.

About Ultimate Pet Nutrition

Dog and cat parents alike know that friendship with a furry pal can have a massive impact on their lives. Your kitty or pooch offers nothing but unconditional love, loyalty, and joy. Our pups and cats really are our best pals.

Dr. Gary Richter created The Ultimate Pet Health Guide as a way to help pet owners who couldn’t necessarily visit his office. He wants to make sure every animal owner has the information they need to raise their fur babies well.

The book’s response was overwhelming, and Dr. Richter knew he had to offer great Ultimate Pet Nutrition products to enhance pet care even more. Today, you’ll find that Ultimate Pet Nutrition products combine the most-advanced blends of alternative ingredients and Western practices. To read customer reviews, learn about Ultimate Pet Nutrition ingredients, and peruse blog articles, head to the Ultimate Pet Nutrition website. You’ll find the best advice to give your pet everything they need to grow and live happy, healthy lives.